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Practice Sense was founded on a simple, powerful idea: to revolutionize the way patient registration is done.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What is The Role of Dental Patient Forms?

Computer technology is ruling the entire world each field of business as well medical field. The new inventions and researches have also been done with the help of computer. So computer should be updated and advanced for the best and quick results. Medical software used in medical hospitals as well as clinics where they play a vital role to ease the process of patient’s admission, billing, and other official works as well.

What are Dental Forms? 

Medical software which have been used by the hospital is also allow the patient to fill their dental patient forms where they can fill entire require information regarding their health, medical history, family medical history, their health insurance information if they have any, their last prescribed medication with the date and next fixed appointment with the doctor as well. Patient has the privilege to fill their private information at the comfort of their home where they have kept their personal information.

What is the Need of Dental Forms? 

Dental forms are maintained to carry information regarding the patient’s medical history and other essential information such as their registration number of health insurance if they have obtained any from the health insurance, the form will automatically check if it is valid or not, the last prescribed medication information with the complete test reports if patients have had any such as x-ray, ultrasound and scanning etc. this information is kept by the software which helps the doctor to treat the patient. It also saves time of doctor as well as patient. It often happened that patient always forgets their prior prescribed medication and dosages, but the software doesn’t. It also alerts the patient to stop in taking any particular medication before going to their dental treatment.

How to Install Dental Forms? 

Medical software provides dental patient forms which can be customized according to the clinical requirements. It hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to setup. Patients can send their dental forms to fix their appointment with their doctor from their home or from the clinic waiting room through their android phone, tablet or laptop.

These are customizable dental patient forms which provide Dental practices with a secure and safe way to get and verify new patient information. Electronic Dental Patient Forms for the modern practice. Have your patients filled your dental forms prior their appointment by following these steps.

1. When a new patient fills details through the online Dental Patient Forms you can easily schedule appointments with them and automated welcome note will be send to the patient’s registered email.

2. Patient can fill out your dental forms from the link within your welcome email.

3. You will find the information of the patient. Upon submission, you will right away receive a notification which let you know that a new form has been submitted. You can easily access entire information of your new and past patients including their personal and family medical history and many more related to the patient.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

How Electronic Form Is Helpful for Doctors and Patients?

Electronic consent for is very useful form which takes information from the patient such as their basic details, medical and family health history and their insurance policy registration number. This provides the convenience level to both the doctor and the patient. 

When a doctor has an appointment with his new or old patient he just can enter his registration number and on single click he/she will get entire information of the patient from last appointment to the till date. It saves time of both the parties as it prevent the questionnaire period of time as doctor has everything on his desktop. He will be go through the prior information and get the current status of the patient and prescribe the next treatment. On the other hand patient have no longer need to stand up in a waiting row. What they need to do is to fill a simple form from their home itself before coming to the hospital and can fix their online appointment with his doctor. The Electronic consent form will also alert the patients with their next appointment date, so that the patient could not forget the date of appointment and can reach the clinic on a right date and time. 

What is an Electronic Consent Form? 

ECF or Electronic consent form is an online form which is provided on the website of the doctor, which can be filled by the patient in the privacy of their own homes where most of their private information is kept. This allows filling private information more securely and makes the process easier for both service provider as well as the patient when it comes to insurance and medications information. 

Why one should can use Electronic Consent Form at their facility? 

It is essential to know about the health and medical history of the patient before start their treatment. Medications are able to change everything but it is not possible for the patients to always remember the name of their medication as well as dosages. Patient often forgets what they had prescribed before for their problem, and mostly they misplaced their prescription too. In that case the Electronic consent form is one of the best ways to keep all the medical history of the patient save such as the prior prescribed medication and dosages, duration of medication, their insurance policy expiry date and other test reports if any they have. This is the online forms which saves potential cancellations and time on both ends. For instance, it is suggested that patients who are taking Plavix must stop using the medicine five days before to their dental appointment. The software would also alert you prior appointment. 

How fast it is to setup Electronic Consent Form? 

Electronic consent form is very simple to install it takes hardly 15 minutes to complete, it is also guide you through the process of setup. Practice Sense possesses insight and experience to address our clients’ most critical needs and complex challenges including:

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Advantages of Online Dental Patient History Form

Companies providing online dental patient history form services have brought a revolution to the traditional registration forms. They have made an attempt to provide affordable electronic solution without making any compromise with the quality and security. The professionals can create customized online registration forms that your patients will love. They can easily support all the question formats you can imagine so that you can use your own branding in your forms.

Make your search on the web to fetch the details of the reputed online dental patient history form service providers in your area. Discuss your expectations with them so that they can bring your vision into a reality with their outstanding services. There is an extensive array of benefits of a paperless registration process including:

• Save time and resources

Maintaining paperwork is resource-intensive and processing it can take a lot of time. So, do not waste your precious time in scanning documents, keeping track of the paper files or transcribing information.

• Impress your patients

Rather than making your patients do paperwork to visit you, give them with a gratifying onboarding experience. Today, most of the people prefer doing things online, but a registration form is a single thing that is still lagging behind. Therefore, choose online dental patient history form that will provide you with an influential competitive advantage.

• Receive the form before the appointment

For maximum people, the chief advantage of using electronic dental patient history form is that the practician will get the completed questionnaire in advance. This will help the doctor to be prepared when it is time for the appointment.

• Get rid off paper signatures

With e-signatures being acknowledged as lawfully binding in maximum places, hence, there is no necessity to keep the drawers of signed agreement documents as they will always be available online, whenever required.

• Increased completeness rates

Practitioners using electronic intake forms have observed an increase in questionnaire completeness rates as the patients are allowed to fill out all the information in the comfort of their homes, without giving any time constraint.

While having a dental patient history form online may be the best solution, most practitioners do face problems in searching the best service provider. So, ask your known ones who have recently hired e-form service provider. Get a customized e-form, which is HIPPA compliant and covers all your necessities.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How important are Electronic Patient Intake Forms

electronic patient intake forms
As one of the major parts of the new HER, patients can now fill out electronic intake forms before arriving at a doctor’s office for their first visit. This process is known as online check-in. These forms allow the patient to provide you with their medical history, medication information, allergies, and any other information you may need before their first visit to your office, saving both you and the patient time.  
  • Create completely custom electronic patient intake forms
These online patient intake forms are very easy to create, and 100% customizable to what you need as a doctor. You can recreate your current paper forms online, and update them whenever you want without the need to print more. 
  • Get more complete information
It’s easy for patients to overlook critical pieces of information when they are rushed to fill out forms in the office. However, online forms will not allow a patient to move on to the next page without having all of the information filled in.  
  • Save time for your patients and staff
Your patients save time by not having to completing forms in the office.Your staff saves a lot of time by not having to scan these forms or enter the form's data into your EHR.   
  • It's a 100% free service
Online check-in is free for your patients to use.

Electronic Patient Intake Forms let you easily update any patients forms with new information. This can be clinical information, insurance information, or test results. These electronic forms are widely used by medical service suppliers around the world (doctor’s facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living, private practices, dentists, analysts, therapists, mental health providers, pediatricians, clinics, social workers, and more). These online forms give you the ability to streamline the process for you, your staff, and your patients. They also allow you to pull reports based on these forms. They help prevent errors by including a spell check function.

These electronic forms provide a user friendly and secure environment for storing patient information. They also streamline the intake process for you and your patients. As a bonus, electronic intake forms offer other administrative functions, including organization and filing, online billing, computerized plan updates, and online appointment scheduling.

These forms join the two elements of online appointments scheduling, and online file storage, into a single framework. The systems are easy to use and have all of the fundamental functions to let you customize the look and feel of your forms. Many medical facilities are switching to using electronic intake forms for a wide variety of reasons, which include time savings, cost savings, storage savings, resource maximization, and overall efficiency. The best part is, this is a service offered. As such, there is technical support available for these services to get you started on creating your own custom forms and setting it up and integrating it with your existing website. This will allow you to get the system up and running with little to no issues.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Are Your Electronic Patient Forms Online Yet?

Having an accessible, accurate patient history is extremely important to deliver the best treatment to your patient.  Traditional methods of collecting dental patient history are becoming obsolescent.  Now in 2016, we are seeing more mobile and tablet usage than ever before.  People have become accustom to filling out forms and registration online and immediately.

Electronic Patient Registration Forms

Implementing an online registration system will help modernize your practice.  Our surveys have shown that allowing patients to register online gives them a great first impression; this helps set the tone for a great patient experience as well. Electronic patient forms are always accessible, which means you can view patients information before, during and after treatment without having to fumble around with a clipboard.

Practice Sense provides electronic patient forms, giving your practice the tools needed to streamline your patient registration and get you accurate information in a timely manner.  Practice Sense also connects with over 299 insurance carriers to provide eligibility verification with the click of a button.  No wait times with insurance providers, you can easily view all the information from within your user dashboard.

Practice Sense offers a 30 days free trial for the online registration system. Interested in learning more?  Visit the Practice Sense website and view the demonstration video today!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Electronic New Patient Dental Forms for your Convenience

New Patient Dental Forms

For a paperless dental office, you can incorporate electronic new patient dental forms, which offer numerous benefits to both doctors as well as patients. Having patient forms registered on paper, then scanned into your computer is not considered paperless.

A true paperless office is now possible with the use of electronic form services that have brought a revolution to the usual registration process to provide you the opportunity to have electronic health records.

With the e-form services, the patients can electronically register their forms in the comfort of their home via the internet at any time. Electronic new patient dental forms can be completed on a desktop, tablet PC, laptop, or iPad. Practice Sense offers customized registration forms. Therefore, you can have your forms created for use online. Get in touch with Practice Sense to and start your trial today. Our services are referred by many practices due to several reasons including: 

- HIPAA and HITECH compliant features
- Tailored e-forms as per the needs of the practice
- No manual recording needed as the data can automatically transfer between forms
- Patients will receive the designated forms only for completion
- E-forms offer convenience to the doctors to have a clear picture of the medical history of patient instantaneously.
- Patients can provide the accurate information by verifying the details before filling the forms.

So, start your trial today and see the benefits of electronic new patient dental forms services.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Maintaining and Storing Forms For Patient Information

There are three key features to managing patient information in a clinical setting such as a dentist's office: maintaining, storing, and updating patient personal, medical, and insurance forms. Currently, these goals are met by asking for a patient to update information on every subsequent visit. But this method can present serious problems that effect the security, efficiency, and delivery of care. Let's take a closer look at each one of the features of information management in turn.
- Maintaining patient information is vital to the success of a practice. Accurate medical records ensure proper delivery of care, and help prevent missed follow-up appointments, prescription drug interactions, and adverse events. Maintaining patient information with paper records, or even with a paper-to-EHR system, is time-consuming, inefficient, and open to oversights and security problems.

- Storing patient information securely is critical to ensuring that there are not HIPAA violations – either because of unintentional oversights on the part of staff or deliberate security breaches. With a paper-only system, valuable office space is dedicated to document storage, which isn't always secure. And with paper forms that are transcribed to EHR, gaps can occur. It's difficult in either system to document chain of custody so that the cause of a breach can be found and fixed.
- Updating patient personal, medical, and insurance forms requires new patients to review and amend their records at every visit. If there are any changes, staff then have to spend valuable office time transcribing updates into the EHR system. And with every added step, new opportunities for security breaches, oversights, and lost forms occur.
patient registration form
So What's The Solution?

With the electronic forms and submission platform Practice Sense has developed, the issues associated with paper-based patient information records disappear. Our system allows for automated refreshing of sensitive patient information – either for individual patients or for the entire practice's patient base.

Your patients can use our platform to fill out information forms online before they ever come into the office. With our automated reminders, the can update their information in the same manner. This system immediately eliminates the need for checking and amending records in the office. That means better security, less wasted time, and improved patient retention.

With this system, the accuracy of your patient records will be dramatically improved. Practice Sense includes automatic verification of insurance information, so you'll never find yourself in the position of being stuck with nonpayment again. You'll know before you see a patient what their insurance carrier is, and whether they're up to date.

Security is vastly superior with our software as well. Because the need for entering paper-based forms to EHR is removed, there's no chance of losing a form or improperly disposing of it. Our systems security is robust, which means malicious breaches are next to impossible.
And our platform also provides unique reporting processes that allow you to keep better track of your patient base and a better handle on both the clinical and business sides of your practice. Reports can be automatically generated or mined for specific data.

Practice Sense is designed to get the best out of your practice. Contact us today to find out how we can help.